The First Car in Tamil Nadu for Mother Mary

Rev. Fr. Beschi (Veeramamuniver) made the Very First Car to Our Lady of Assumption when he was the parish priest of Kamanayakkanpatti. The custom of Car Procession has its root here at kamanayakkanpatti.  It has been continued for 300 years. In the history of Tamilnadu  it was the First Car for Our Mother Mary. Kamanayakkanpatti is the pioneer parish for the Car Procession inTamilnadu.

New Car to Our Lady Assumption

Instead of the pioneer Car  that became very old and could not be used , a New Car was made in the guidance of Rev. Fr. Arul Ambrose (Ex. Parish priest). In the remembrance of 325th Jubilee Year this Car was presented to Our Mother Mary.

Rosary Garden

Rosary Garden is the most vital place in this parish. In the period of Rev. Fr. Arul Ambrose, it was made with valuable support of the parishioners. This is powerful place for prayer and meditation. In the fourth Saturday of every month, the holy mass is solemnized here. In every important festival, this place has a vital factor to this.

St. Jame’s grotto
This grotto was built in remembrance of St. James. This is one of the oldest grottos of this parish. In every June 25th, Holy Mass is solemnized here. After the Mass a sweet porridge is served to all.

The Chapel of St. Antony of Paduva

This chapel is located in the northeast of the village. Before starting the lend season, there is celebrated a festival. This festival is celebrated for 13 days. Novena prayer is conducted for 13 days. In the last day, Holy Mass is solemnized here. Then food is served to all. After this the feast  come to end.
St. Lourdes’ s grotto
People call this grotto as ‘ Arul Oottru Kebi’. It is placed in the entrance of our village. Our Lady’s Blessings are showered to all who enter into our village. Twice a year, Mass is solemnized in this grotto (8th December & 11th February).

Grotto of Our Lady of Health

This grotto was located in the west north of our village. This grotto was presented to Our Lady of Health. In Every year, on the occasion of birth of Mother Mary (8th September), the holy mass is solemnized here. After the Mass a sweet porridge is served to all.

The Tomb of Rev. Fr. Freyre

This Tomb of Rev. Fr. Freyre, who was the first parish priest of Kamanayakkanpatti,  is situated at the backyard of the shrine. Every Monday devotees celebrate prayers and present salt at this place.