New Year:

on the First day of  Every New Year, the parishioners  come along with their family members to greet the parish priest and the sisters and also get blessings from them and return to home with pleasure and satisfaction. Our youth committee  conducts sports and games for the parishioners. At the evening after the daily prayers, grand function is staged with some cultural events and eventually the winners are rewarded by presenting the prizes.

Tamizhar thirunal

On the occasion of Tamizhar Thirunal, each anbiam  comes to the front yard of the church at 5.00 am and  decorate with Rangoli and make sweet porridge. After this celebration, the Holy Mass is offered and then the porridge is served to all the peoples. Next day, the parish priest  bless the cattle for their service.

Feast of St. Antony

This feast is celebrated for 13 days at Sevelpatti  grandly. Every day Holy Mass and Novena are offered there. Cultural program is staged on 10th day and grand feast is celebrated on 13th day.

Carnival festival

Kamanayakkanpatti is an unique and significant parish for this festival. We can see this festival here only in all over India. Commonly, we may see this festival on western culture alone. On this particular Sunday before Ash Wednesday, the parishioners  cook non-vegetarian food in their house, and make a small wood cart and bring this food on the cart to the Rosary garden. They  share the food with others. Then they play  games like kilithattu, kabadi, co-co etc…,

Lenten season

In these Lenten season, all the parishioners  gather in the Rosary garden at 4.00 p.m on every Sunday. They make pilgrimage to every substation by praying Rosary. On every Monday of the 5th week of the Lenten season, people make pilgrimage to St. Antony’s Shrine of Puliampatti  by walk about 40 Km. Each Friday, the respective anbiams  conduct the ‘Way of Cross’. During this Lenten season, the parishioners do not have any joyful celebration.

Holy week

On Palm Sunday, all the parishioners are gathered at Rosary garden. Then they start the Palm Sunday procession from there to Shrine through their street way with singing song the ‘Christ the king’.

On Mundy Thursday, the parishioners  remember the last supper of  Jesus Christ. They share their lunch with others on this day. In the evening, Holy Services are started inside the shrine.

On Good Friday, people  remember Christ’s passion. They grind Neem leaves and drink. By this event, people remember that  Christ drunk the bitter water during his passion. The service is started with the Mass at 3 p.m.  Way of the cross is conducted at 7 p.m. People  carry the body of Christ with a decorated cart. They make a procession around the village. It is called as ‘Thoomba Bavani’. During this procession they  sing Mother Mary’s lamentation’s song.

The Easter Vigil Service starts at 11.30 p.m. on the  Holy Saturday. People  make 1000 light made by coconut to focus on Pascal light. Christ Resurrection Mass is celebrated at 12 o’ clock.

St. Joseph’s feast

St. Joseph is the second patron saint of the parish. This feast is celebrated from 1st may to 10th may. During these days there will be mass both morning and evening. The prayer service starts with St.Joseph’s liturgy. There will be benediction followed by sermon. On 10th day, they stage the VBS cultural program.

Feast of  Ascension of Our Lord Jesus

The people of kuruvinatham (one of the substations)  is known for  this feast to  celebrate it with Holy family festival and they  celebrate this for 10 days. Every day the holy mass is solemnized. On the 10th day, they will make a cultural program.

Vanakka Matha Feast

The whole month of May is offered to Our Lady.This will be celebrated on 31st may every year. This celebration is started with Holy Mass in the evening. Vanakka Matha car procession will take place after the mass. During the procession, people pray Rosary and sing songs. After the benediction in the church this will come to end.

Feast of Our Lady of Assumption

The Feast of Our Lady of Assumption commemorates  on 6th of August by hoisting the flag of Our Lady. People from various places come, pray and get blessing through the intercession of Our Lady. The flag hoisting tree has a significant character. People from all over gather together and decorate the tree with leaves and flowers. On 9th day of Novena, the Eucharistic Con-Celebration with many priests is presided over by our Most Rev. Bishop Jude Paulraj of Palayamkottai and the car procession starts followed by the Mass and with the blessing of Bishop.  The people express their deep devotion by doing kumbidu sevai. After the procession, the car is landed in front of the church. The Mass is celebrated at 6am, 8am, 10am, 12pm on 15th August. At 7 p.m. in the evening and Eucharist procession begins. On 11th day evening a grand cultural program is staged. Till 12th day, the statue of St. Mary is kept on the car. On 13th day it is kept in the church. This mega-feast  comes to end in the morning after the Mass.

Birth of Mother Mary

Mother Mary’s birth day is celebrated on 8th September. In the evening there is Mass in the grotto of Our Lady of Health. Sweet porridge is distributed to all followed by the Mass.

St. Micheal’s Feast

For this feast, Ettunayakkanpatti is familiar to celebrate  for 10 days. Every day the holy mass is solemnized. On the 10th day this feast  comes to end. A grand cultural program also is staged on this day.

Bible day

Bible day is celebrated in the month of September. Questions are taken  from the bible passage. Then they are distributed to all parishioners. They have to find answer for these questions within 3 to 4 weeks. Finally, the top scored person is greeted by our parishioners and also the valuable prizes are distributed for the winners in the evening.

 Feast of Our Lady of Rosary

The Feast of Our lady of Rosary is celebrated on 31st October. The celebration  starts with  the Mass. The car procession of Our lady of Rosary  is held after the Mass. During the procession, people pray Rosary and sing songs. The procession  comes to end with benediction.

Mission Sunday

Mission Sunday  is celebrated in any one of the Sundays of the  month of November . Thought provoking and funny games are conducted in the ground of St. Aloysius high school. They  play funny competition to make fund. This shows their generosity for the mission.

All soul’s day

All souls day is celebrated on the 2nd of November. The Mass is celebrated for the departed souls at 7 a.m. in church. They cook food which is liked by the old people. At 4 p.m. they  go to cemetery and celebrate Mass at there. All pray for the repose of the souls.

Advent Season

Advent season is celebrated in a different manner. On the  first Sunday, the light is ignited for the Kamanayakkanpatti people. Second Sunday is for Ettunayakkanpatti people. Third is for Kuruvinatham and other is for Sevelpatti. Parishioners  keep three violet and one rose color candle in their houses. Everyday they ignite the candle by singing ‘varum andavere varum’.


Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December. Carrying candles by peoples and mulaipari by young women  come as a procession to greet the child Jesus after the Gloria in the middle of the mass.

Holy Family

On this day, the celebration of Eucharist is held at Rosary Garden. Silver and Golden Jubilee couples are greeted during the Holy Mass. After the Mass, the parishioners  share their food with others at the same place.